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My name is Kirby Ai. I grew up in Hawaii, on the Island of Oahu, and moved out to California for college where I began pursuing a career as a musician.


I traveled quite a bit to make music my full-time job, so VanLife made a lot of sense for me. I purchased and converted several vans and eventually it became a passion of mine. When Covid hit it made it hard to keep pursuing music full-time, but as they say, when one door closes, another opens. Evie (my girlfriend) and I, decided to move up to Eastern Washington to start a business together to share our love of converting vans with others. 

We have done quite a bit of VanLife traveling ourselves out of a few different vans—we absolutely love it! There are so many beautiful places to see and VanLife allows you the comfortability, flexibility and freedom to enjoy it how you please and with whom you please. As far as we're concerned, it is one of the greatest joys.  We have since found equal joy in sharing it with others as we lend our experiences and expertise on VanLife, and work with our clients to plan, design and build customized vans that perfectly fit their needs.

Whether you're a traveling nurse, pilot, a couple working from home, retired, or just looking for the perfect adventure vehicle we would love to talk with you. Sharing our personal experience as VanLife-rs, and guiding you through the process of designing a van that has features, functions, and a layout that will best cater to you is what we're all about.  Nothing brings us more joy than to see your smiling faces when you come to pick up your brand new van.

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